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We very much appreciate your taking the time to talk to the Blue Birds last week.  You gave us just a hint of the unusually challenging yet wonderfully rich experiences you and your family have shared.  It’s clear that Charlie has made remarkable progress.  But what is even more evident is your persistent drive to do whatever it takes to find ways to help Charlie.
In your book, you painted a sensitive and beautiful “montage of images” that brought tears to my eyes and, at the same time, made me smile.  Charlie reflects the never-give-up spirit that you, Melinda and Sam instilled in him.  His kindness, thoughtfulness and competitive spirit are a reflection of all of you, his family.
Thanks again for sharing your special journey with us.  May you have many more absolutely delightful days with Charlie!
Helen Welk and the members of The Blue Bird Circle

I cried—and laughed—all the way through it—precious, heart-warming, poignant—so real and so very loving—a gift for Charlie, Brookwood and the world!  It is a true blessing and a tribute to all involved in Charlie’s life—as he is a gift.  Earle lets us into his heart, and in the doing, enriched and enlarged ours.

It is truly the best love story I have ever read…simply and profoundly beautiful.

What a beautiful, touching story…

Your book does exactly what I know you intended it to do-it opened up my heart and my mind to the possibilities that are in each of us and will allow me to look at the world with different eyes than those I used before I read your beautiful words…your book is a loving tribute and legacy to Charlie and all those who know and love him-even those that only meet him through your book.

I applaud your amazing love for Charlie and your beautiful acknowledgment of the gift that Charlie has given all of us with his inspiring spirit and courage.  Charlie remains very much in my heart and thoughts.  He has been the best teacher I have ever had…He taught me to ‘follow the child’ as Dr. Montessori believed we should.

I have finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  It is very touching—beautifully written and so attractively laid out.

I have read your absolutely wonderful book, and I just want to thank you for writing it, and for introducing me to Charlie in this way. He is obviously a remarkable young man, and is living such an important life.  We should all take lessons.

I love it and of course laughed and cried.  It was truly a gift to me to know your family and to read your dad’s description of the difference Charlie has made in his life in such a pure, open and honest way.

I began reading when I opened it and didn’t stop until I had finished. It’s wonderful, and I think anyone reading it would fall in love with you and Charlie. I laughed and I cried….

…there is something so peaceful about the perspective that Charlie brings to life.  He is so genuine.  The child like quality that God looks for in all of us…

…I started reading and could not put it down.  Wonderful work!

I love your book.  It teaches us a great lesson about dealing with difference, as well as giving us insight into the kind of person you are.

I cried all the way though, not because it was sad but because it was so touching.  Truly a beautiful read.

I read it cover to cover and absolutely love it.  The story was so sweet and meaningful and illustrations were phenomenal.  I lent the book to my mother to read over Easter.  She too was moved by your story.  I truly believe everyone has a Charlie in their life.  Some people have to look harder than others but when they discover “him”, they are blessed by the many things that they will experience and learn as a result.

Thanks so much for the book.  It was a two day read for me, because I couldn’t put it down.  My favorite part is that they still live a few doors down from each other and see each other so often.  It was so moving.

We have read the book, and it is wonderful!

Please give your dad a hug and tell him I love the book…I’m so grateful that Charlie saved his life and restored his soul!!!

What a beautiful, yet extremely powerful little book!!!  The illustrations, Charlie’s quotes and the entire lay out are all absolutely beautiful. The project really deserves an award! “The Charlies” make life special and worth living!!

I had read Dear Charlie years ago and loved it!  So I knew I would also love your new book. “Loved” is an understatement! It was such easy reading and I laughed, I cried and I, too, am so glad I have Charlie…and his family…in my life!  What joy Charlie has brought to our lives and is family is pretty spectacular, too!

I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your most recent book.  It is a rare thing to be given such a warm and intimate insight into a family.  It is also rare when a book is written and designed in such a way to be both educational and poetic.

Such a heartwarming story.  I loved every word and didn’t want it to end.  It’s a book I will always treasure and one that can be read again and again.

I have read our new copy cover to cover before 9:00 a.m.  My daughters have also decided to read aloud to each other at breakfast.  It is such a gift….  Heartfelt thanks for honoring all of us with your words, insights, and direction.

I read the book yesterday afternoon and found it both moving and beautiful.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Earle, your book is a precious thing to read.  You put yourself right out there for the reader and it makes us understand you, your determination and boundless love for your grandson.  I learned so much and I loved it.  Thank you for the wonderful gift.

Earle, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your latest book!  It was heart warming and beautifully written…You have a real gift!

Earle, it is a grand book.  You developed so beautifully the value and importance of Charlie’s life.  The book should be of immense help and support to any family having an autistic child.  You know it is a truism that in giving we get.  How true with you and Charlie.  I appreciated so much your openness about yourself – indeed a brave man!

First, give my best to Charlie.  What a special child!  I have read the book and just want you to know that I have found my Charlie!…Please pray for us!! …But what I wanted you to know is almost everyone I talk to either knows someone or someone in their family so I have preordered 5 copies of your book to give away as gifts and I just wanted to thank you for what you have done!

I had read the manuscript of your book several times.  The published book brought tears to my eyes.  It is a lovely tribute to Charlie, you and your entire family.  How proud you must be to have created this wonderful legacy.  Hopefully, it will find its way into the hands and hearts of many families who have similar issues.  In addition, I can imagine it will be a great story for support groups and for anyone interested in Autism.

The Boy Who Saved My Life arrived yesterday and I intended to take a quick glance through and read later and instead, I read it cover to cover…every single word and wanting more, even looked under the jacket for an additional word or two.  It is profound in it’s beautiful simplicity…love and pure innocence and it touched me on so many different levels.  Thank you, thank you for a beautiful story, beautiful book and beautiful illustrations.

I laughed and I cried.  I did not put it down again until I had read cover to cover!   How lucky your family is to all have each other!  You are all an inspiration to many.

I had to write you about The Boy Who Saved My Life.  I picked it up last night to read a little bit before going to sleep.  I ended up reading the whole book as it riveted my attention from start to finish.  I found myself laughing out loud at Charlie’s wonderful remarks.  And then going to a profound sadness at a young mother’s desperate attempt to find her little boy again.  I could understand the perplexed and profoundly saddened grandfather trying to understand what happened to this bright little boy.  I also felt tears for the grandfather when Charlie finally said some words.  And yet Charlie was there all the time.  As he said, “Mom, I am as found as I can be.”

Thanks for the wonderful book.  I do love miracles!

We have loved your book and your transparency into your soul.  What a picture of love it is!  How very special you are to Charlie and how very blessed we all are to have Charlie in our lives.  He is a true gift of  God to each of us.

Thanks so much for the gift of The Boy Who Saved My Life book and the gift of sharing your story.  We recognize the beautiful gift God has given to your family in Charlie.  It’s remarkable how Charlie has matured and seems to have a higher E.Q. (emotional quotient) than most people walking around our world.  Despite Charlie’s struggles, he has achieved a heightened level of understanding that he has learned from all of his family and the wonderful, kind, gifted people in his life.  Continued Blessings to you, 
Charlie and all of your family.  You’ve blessed us!

You have given the world a gift that will touch many lives.  I have always felt honored to have your trust, confidence and support with your precious Charlie.  He has been one of my favorite teachers.

I read The Boy Who Saved My Life and it was quite an inspirational experience for me.  Thanks for writing the book.

This past weekend I read the book from cover to cover, and was just blown away by the beauty of it all.  Your story…Charlie’s quotes…the illustrations…the message and the challenge to the readers.  What can I say, except it is perfect in every way.

Thank you so much!  My goodness, it really took my breath away.  It is just beautiful and what an eye catcher to see the picture of Charlie. The pictures inside are wonderful.  Roxana captured you both in a way I have never seen before.  I am almost finished reading, which I will do again and again and again.

It is a beautiful book in every sense of the word.  It’s thoughts, prayers, and exquisite illustrations.  Thank you.  I will look for my Charlie and treasure him.

What a true treasure this little book is for me.  I read the book, then reread the book and loved it even more the second time.  It touched my heart and soul.  I cried and I smiled and felt your story went to the heart of my being.  My most genuine thanks to you, Earle, for writing this down for the rest of us.  You were given a special blessing and then were kind enough to share your story.  Earle, you and Charlie will forever be a part of me.  I have never been so touched.  Your words worked magic in me.  The enormous and profound power of the human heart is a wondrous thing.

What a beautiful book, The Boy Who Saved My Life!  The words are so precious, so real and so open.  I love Charlie without ever meeting him in person!  You have given us such a wonderful window into autism, into the life of a wonderful young man and into your heart.  Thank you so much!

The Boy Who Saved My Life is an extraordinary journey.  The subject matter, the creative format, sensitive drawings, tributes.  But most of all your heart-felt relationship and dedicated work with Charlie are truly inspirational.  You have discussed negatives and positives and inspirited those situations into a deep partnership of respect and love.  Sharing many helpful “life-lessons” and caring thoughts has given me much to ponder and reflect upon.  Your book I will cherish and reread.  Thank you!!

Your book arrived during Holy Week, just in time for Easter.  I read half of it on the train to New York to pay a hospital call on Good Friday, and I’ve already marked several passages that will likely make their way into my sermons.  I love Charlie’s line “Mom, I’m as found as I can be.”  Thank you so much for sending me a copy.  I loved the last book and I am looking forward to finishing this one later this week.  What a thoughtful and generous gesture to share with me though your book the beautiful relationship you have with your grandson.

The Boy Who Saved My Life is a marvelous, sensitive, insightful treasure.  I have read it twice.

I began reading it and couldn’t put it down.  What a beautiful and touching story.  God’s love being shared between all of you is so evident.  Thank you for sharing your story, which reflects the love of Christ.

It is a lovely book, in all ways.  The visuals are stunning, and I already know about your wonderful writing.  The book is a treasure.

Thank you for sharing a personal and heartfelt part of your (and Charlie’s) life.  It is a gift to all who read your book.  Here’s to macaroni and cheese dinner!

I read your wonderful book, The Boy Who Saved My Life, and was deeply touched by it and your willingness to share your story.  What a tribute to the human spirit and restoring compassion and gratitude in life amidst the many challenges that unfold.  Thank you!  I shed a tear or two as I read your book.  Sharing part of yourself in that fashion isn’t always easy, but I suspect you’ve been rewarded in unforeseen ways.  I hope so.

Such honesty, openness, love and joy!  Thank you so much for sharing Charlie with us.  Absolutely delightful!  I went home and read the book from cover to cover and have it right by my bed to read again.

I have just finished reading your precious book…How wonderful you found your joy and could share it so beautifully with others.  Will you please tell Kristi that I will never look at the moon in the same way ever again!